Private parties, corporate events, and other special occasions

We specialize in live music for events. We can help you create a sophisticated ambiance, add a bold and exciting flair, or provide music that will get your guests tapping their toes. In any case, our professional musicians will make your event special in the eyes of your guests.

Available Ensembles:

String Quartet - Two violins, viola, and cello. The versatility of a string quartet makes it ideal for a variety of events. A string quartet is resonant enough to be heard easily in a large room, but its transparency of sound will allow your guests to comfortably carry on a conversation. Our diverse body of repertoire can set the perfect tone for your event.

String Trio - Similar in sound to a string quartet. A more economical option, yet still elegant and refined in sound.

Duets - Violin duo, violin/cello, or violin/guitar. The ideal choice for smaller events or for a more relaxed atmosphere. The versatility of this combination of instruments is unique in that it allows for more informal selections as well as standard classics.

Solo Instruments - Violin, cello, piano, or guitar. This is an inexpensive option that is great for more intimate settings. Styles vary from classical to jazz, from folk to pop/rock.

Fees and scheduling

Our fees range from $275.00-$800.00 for the first 90 minutes, with an additional charge thereafter.
Please contact or call 317.414.7524 for inquiries and booking.